Moisture meter Aquaboy TEM-1

  • Description
For determination of the residual moisture content of fabric rolls, yarn bobbins, filaments, fiber flocks etc.
This moisture meter is battery operated (9V) designed for easy portability.
Fast operation with an instant and accurate reading.
The TEM-1 is accepted as the standard moisture meter for the textile industry !
It has 3 scales for direct reading of moiture content in percents in wool, rayon and cotton.
And also a 0-100 scale for cmparison tables used for other materials.

Having connected the electrode to the meter, bring it into firm contact with the product to be measured. De-press the white measuring button and read the result directly on the meter scale. Release the white button to finish the operation.

The unit can be supplied with different measuring electrodes, like;
205 = needle electrode, length 1"(25 mm)
206 =  needle electrode, length 1 3/4"(45 mm)
207 = needle electrode, length 4"(100 mm)
210 = knife electrode, length 4 1/4"(110 mm)
211 = roller electrode heads for measuring moving webs